Services we offer…

We offer the following timber conversion processes at our facility

Sawmilling | Planing | Cutting


Sawmilling Services

Having been in the timber industry since 1998, we started conversion with a mobile band sawmill and now have a variety of different sawmills located in Zambia and at our Henley on Klip factory.


Planing Services

We have original robust and heavy framed machinery at our Henley on Klip plant to plane your timber to size.


Cutting to size

We have industrial specification machinery at the Henley on Klip timber processing site to  cut to standard or customer specified lengths and widths. All our blades are tungsten carbide tipped, capable of cutting sleepers and a large variety of very hard timber species.

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We also offer the following services off-site

  • Tongue & Groove
  • Lamination
  • Skirting Profiling
  • Handrailing Profiling
  • Dado Rails
  • Bull Nosing
  • Turning

If you have a design or an idea, we can help you to put it together to give you a custom made item or home in a suitable wood. Contact us with your request…